Why Lunchbreak?


Save time

No need to write orders down. No need for phone calls.


Online payments

Our ultra low fees are 7 times cheaper than the average fees in our market.


Satisfied customers

No need to wait, they can even pay in advance!


Real time statistics

Improve your store by analysing your statistics.

Online orders

Receive orders right on your iPad. Keep track of orders currently in progress, confirm orders and correct the final cost if necessary.

Online orders on your iPad
Prepare orders
Confirm orders

Manage offerings

Add, remove or edit your offerings on the fly. Have a special dish every week? No problem. We even add your whole offerings when joining Lunchbreak for free!

Manage categories on your iPad
Manage offerings on your iPad
Edit products on your iPad
Store selection
Select ingredients
Select time of pickup

Customer benefits

Order anywhere at anytime!
Customise their orders
Notified when order is ready
No more queues

Frequently asked questions

What if an order is not picked up?

Users are required to login using their phone number. We always know with certainty the phone number of the user in question. Fake orders are less probable this way because our users know we that have their phone number.

Can I specify how much in advance an order needs to be placed?

Certainly! That and a lot more can be easily customised with the iPad app. Are you a bakery and want people to order a day in advance for certain products? We accounted for that too.

Will this work for my <insert business type here>?

We designed Lunchbreak in order to work for every single type of store on the planet! Contact us if we missed something and we will gladly look into it!

Do I have to add the offerings myself?

You can, but at the time we offer to add it for you for free at the time of installation. We do recommend for you to give it a shot in order to get familiar with Lunchbreak.

Can I disable online payments?

Of course, Lunchbreak is tailored to your business!

What devices does Lunchbreak support?

Your users can use the iOS or Android app. The app for your store is currently only available for Apple iPad devices.

Simple and fast food ordering

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